Commissioned Pieces

Beloved, God’s Chosen.
Music by Alice Parker, text by Susan Palo Cherwien, SSA a cappella. Commissioned in 2017.
Keep Yo’ Han’ on That Plow
Traditional Spiritual arranged by Alice Parker, SSA a cappella
Commissioned in 2019
Iudicium Verum Iudicate (Judge with True Judgement).
Music by Lana Walter, SSAA a cappella.  Text: Zechariah 7:8-10. Commissioned in 2017.
Warm thanks to each of you who contributed to our Music Commissioning Fund.
We are excited that we have been able to expand the repertoire for a cappella women’s voices. We plan to make this an ongoing initiative; if you would like to contribute, please use our Contact Form to let us know how to reach you.